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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump (PES) with 20 pcs breast pads

Product Information

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump is clinically proven to help you express more breast milk than a hospital electric breast pump.

Patented Let-down Massage Cushion
Five, soft petal massagers gently flex in and out as you pump and work with the vacuum to imitate your baby’s suckling.

Stimulate and expressGentle vacuum mimics baby's suckling for steady milk flow
The gentle-draw vacuum mimics baby's suckling to create a steady milk flow that requires less pumping.

Soft massage cushions trigger natural let-down, like baby
Patented massage cushions flex in and out, replicating baby's suckling action and stimulating a fast, natural let-down

Flexible and portable, Easy to assemble and use
Quiet and portable.

Clinically proven
Clinically proven to express more milk than a hospital electric breast pump

Disposable Breast Pads
Unique four layered construction for maximum dryness

What is PES Plastic?
Polyethersulfone (PES) is a polymer of exceptional durability, known to be less porous and less reactive than other similar compounds. It is a BPA-free plastic that is dimensionally stable over a wide range of temperatures, resistant to most chemicals, can withstand repeated sterilisation and is approved to be within contact with food.
    What is included:
    • Teat travel pack: 1 pcs
    • Bottle stand/funnel cover: 1 pcs
    • Breast milk container (125 ml/4 oz): 1 pcs
    • Extra soft, newborn flow teat: 1 pcs
    • Manual breast pump: 1 pcs
    • Sealing disc: 1 pcs
    • Disposable breast pad: 20 pcs 
    • Spare parts: 2 pcs

      Market price: RM 289.00 (without 20 pcs disposable breast pads)
      Our Normal Price: RM 220.00
      Our Promotional Price: RM 190.00 only

      Note: No restock.


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