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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

MAM Anti-colic Bottle Starter Set (15pcs)

MAM Anti-colic Bottle Starter Set (15pcs)

MAM Anti-colic Bottle Starter Set (15pcs)


MAM Anti Colic Bottle Starter Set is a total solution for feeding babies from one to their first birthday.

This set comprises the components for 8 bottles (in 3 different sizes) complete with handles and a spout to move baby onto a cup when they're ready. There is also a MAM soother and sealing discs to turn the smaller bottles into Milk Storage pots.

NEW - Self sterilisation bottle feature. 3 minutes in the microwave no need for a steriliser. 80% less colic due to the ventilation holes in the base which ensures a smooth milk flow and babies don't swallow any air. Patented Silk teat (slow flow) is silicone with a difference: it is silky soft. Ideal for easy switching between Mum and MAM.

What's included:

- 2 x 130ml Anti Colic Bottles
- 2 x 160ml Anti Colic Bottles
- 4 x 260ml Anti Colic Middles
- 4 x Slow Flow Teats
- 4 x Sealing Discs
- 1 x Handles
- 1 x Spout
- 1 x Start Soother

RRP: RM219.00
Our Price: RM169 free poslaju semenanjung
NOW: RM159 free poslaju semenanjung


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